Commercial and Industrial

Our team has designed, built and renovated over 5 MILLION square feet of commercial and industrial space. Whether you’re planning a new office building, adaptive reuse project, warehouse or manufacturing space, we have the expertise to add value as a trusted partner.

We have completed several top-secret projects for the government, FDA drug testing facilities, industrial manufacturing and simple office space.

When you trust us with your project, we know that time is money. The more efficient we are and the faster you get back to business as usual, the faster you can add to your bottom line. We Listen Better, Plan Better and Build Better so that we can add value to our relationship you you!

Pittsburgh General Contractors | Commercial and Industrial

Automotive Facilities

Are you an automotive dealer looking to expand or upgrade your facility to your brands new image program? We have the experience to help you design and construct your facility to ensure all efficiencies are captured for your organization.

There is VALUE in numbers and our team has the numbers. Our team has designed, built and renovated over 50 car dealerships and specialty automotive facilities. We know what it takes to get you in your facility faster than anyone else. We have been through the design and approval process with many automakers and know what they want. We have streamlined dealership construction by implementing thorough planning, thoughtful execution scheduling and phasing work sequences to capture the most efficient construction practices to get you in the facility, making money faster. Contact us today to see how working with us is different!


Pittsburgh General Contractors Markets Automotive Facilities

Multi-Family Housing

Multi-Family Housing – HUD

Omega Building Co offers flexible services to its partners. Our team has managed the construction of over 1,000 units of affordable and market rate housing, totaling over $150 million in construction value. Our experience includes HUD, Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), PHFA, bond deals and unique funding approaches. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Developer or Co-developer
  • Finance Assembly & Compliance Assistance
  • Rehab, new construction, preservation, adaptive reuse, occupied properties
  • Green Communities© & LEED certification
  • Omega as an Owner’s Representative
    These services include evaluating the general contractor’s performance and monitoring the project throughout construction.
  • Omega as a General Contractor or Construction Manger
    This includes project scope, budget management, schedule management, operations transition, compliance and reporting, and work in occupied buildings when necessary.


With over 20 years of experience, we have extensive experience and specializations in single-family, senior housing and permanent supportive housing for special populations. Our work includes public housing partnerships, rehab of occupied properties, adaptive reuse and new construction.

Pittsburgh General Contractors | Multi Family Housing

Multi Family – Market Rate

In addition to our experience with low income and senior housing, we also have extensive experience with market rate housing. Our team has worked as a consultant, construction manager and general contractor on many new and adaptive reuse projects for apartments and condos.

Multi-Family – Upgrades and Renovations

We have developed a niche for updating and renovating occupied units. This is especially important to property owners and developers in urban markets who need to keep up with the market. As we know, tenants are always looking for the new, cool thing and will gravitate towards more modern units. Our experience in both design and construction can help you get the upgrades done timely and within your budget, helping you keep tenants and attract new ones.

Restaurants and Hospitality

Pittsburgh General Contractors | Restaurants Hospitality

Our team has designed, built and renovated over 150 restaurants along the East Coast. We have also built or renovated over 1,000 hotel rooms. We know that down time for your business costs you revenue and our Agile Project Delivery method can ease that burden. Our team is well equipped to work within your facility and provide minimal interruptions to your business activity and clientele. Our thorough planning and thoughtful execution will result in a successful project!