The Omega Difference

Resourcefulness. We don’t understand what it means to be told that we can’t do something. What does that mean for you? YOUR project being completed within YOUR budget. There is always more than one way to accomplish a task and we are excellent at finding the best way. This may mean you aren’t getting those name brand bathroom fixtures your architect specified, but we will provide you with quality items that meet the same spec and standard for less cost.

Agility. We are incredibly adaptive. We take change head on and keep progress moving. This is especially important on design-build projects. We can reduce a project timeline by up to 33% by delivering under design-build methodology. Couple that with agility and we expect to get to the finish line even faster.

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Ingenuity. Throw traditional thinking out the window. We are outside of the box thinkers. We add value with creativity.

Relationships. They are everything to us. We are team players and believe that’s the only way to be successful. We are here to cultivate relationships to make things easier. Relationships = better projects through trust, better pricing from partners and better scheduling with partners. Relationships are our most valuable asset because we value the people we build them with and consider them friends.

Excellence in Performance. We are committed to performing, at a high level, and not making excuses. We add value at every step of the project life cycle. We expect the best from our trade partners and demand that they perform at the same high standards we set for ourselves. We do not accept late, over-budget, lack of communication or poor quality; and our goal is that your experience with Omega is more than satisfactory. We expect it to be valuable and enjoyable.

Knowledge. You will always have a point person assigned to your project that has a wealth of construction experience. We believe that all management personnel need to have hands on construction experience. You lean on us for our experience and our goal is to provide the best experience for you. Your project is our billboard and our business.

Transparency. We have nothing to hide. When we engage with clients, we truly are partners. We’re on your side. We complete projects together. We know construction can be scary. You have more to worry about than your project. Trust us and let us handle what we’re good at while you concentrate on your business.

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